I work as a professional photographer since 1987.


I gained experience as a photographer after a lot years of apprenticeship as an assistant at the major advertising and fashion photographers studios in Milan (Giac Casale, Joe Oppedisano, Settimio Benedusi, etc.). At the same time, with my own research, I have experienced landscape photography and as a freelance I made various reportages that are reflected in exhibitions and publications of photographic books. In recent years I have dedicated myself to travel reportage and especially the world of off road. I made  reportage for national and international off road magazines. As well I'm working for event organizers and race teams.


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Motorsports, and especially offroad, is my world, my passion and my job.

Over the years I have gained huge experience in this field that has led me to travel the world and work with the most important off-road competitions. King of the Hammers (USA), Rebelle Rally (USA), Ultra4 Europe (EU), Breslau Series (D-PL-BG-RO), Rainforest Challenge (MAL), Carta Rallye (MA), Grand Sud Orientation (MA) and Europa Truck Trial (EU) are just some of my collaborations as official photographer. My profession is not only for race organizers but also for teams, among my clients there are very important teams such as Gigglepin Racing (GB), Campbell Racing (USA) and Levi Shirley (USA), industry companies such as Euro4x4parts (F), Total Chaos Fabrication (USA), Gigglepin Winches, Equipe 4x4 (I) and major television productions such as the BBC. At the same time, my work is also focused on off-road magazines and especially the most important European ones. In addition, for off-the-shelf magazines I realize important and exclusive shooting for unique articles.


Be sure that where is dust or mud I am there to shot the best off-road drivers!


People in the photographs tell us their life and their experiences. 

I believe that every reportage, including sports, should contain portraits; People are the soul of every race or event. If I can, i love photographing people in black and white because, eliminating any distraction, you go straiht to the soul.


One of the most beautiful aspects of my work is to travel and discover unique and unforgettable places. 

Travel photography, and therefore also landscape, allows me to tell my emotions and the very often unique places I've been through in my life. In addition to telling my experiences in articles, the journey gives me the opportunity to express all my creativity and to continue doing what I did during my early days: experiencing black and white.


Fashion and advertising photography represent my origins ... I can not forget it. 

At the beginning of my career as a photographer I had the honor to work in Milan with great photographers and masters. At that time fashion and advertising was our daily bread. To them I owe a lot and when I can I return to my origins.


From the sky.

I'm also specialized in shooting from the helicopter. Very often, from the sky, it is possible to have a particular point of view that emphasizes the performance of the drivers, placing the races in a unique and unforgettable context. In recent years, with the advent of drones, I can carry out shooting with drones.

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Photoreporter, member of AIRF - Photoreporters Italian Association with n° 761 

Journalist, member of the Italian Association of Journalists with n° 147033


Specialized in: Offroad, People, Journey and Fashion 


Services: Motorsport Photography - Press Office - Social Manager, Brand Ambassador - Race and Event Promoter


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