Motorsports, and especially offroad, is my world, my passion and my job.


Over the years I have gained huge experience in this field that has led me to turn the world and work with the most important off-road competitions. King of the Hammers (USA), Rebelle Rally (USA), Ultra4 Europe (EU), Breslau Series (D-PL-BG), Rainforest Challenge (MAL), Carta Rallye (MA), Grand Sud Orientation (MA) and Europa Truck Trial (EU) are just some of my collaborations as official photographer.


Thanks to all this, I am able to offer to the Brands that I represent a global visibility both personally and through my media channels. My mission as a Brand Ambassador is not only to promote the companies that I represent but it is also, thanks to my experience and knowledge of the sector, that of being a valid consultant in studying the best communication and marketing strategies.


In order to represent a Brand, I must be the first to believe in that Brand! For this reason the Brands I represent are carefully evaluated and chosen by me.


I'm proud to be a representative and ambassador for the following brands.


The OVS GmbH sees itself as an organization for the purpose of holding a championship in truck trials. OVS GmbH acts as the overall organizer of “Europe Truck Trial" on. The OVS GmbH is equally committed to the participating teams, the spectators and the sponsors. The aim of OVS GmbH is to hold at least six and a maximum of eight competitions per year in at least three nations. This ensures that the teams can meet their individual agreements and obligations towards the team sponsors. Furthermore, the interest of the audience and the media and the resulting interest of the series sponsors will continue to be ensured. The sporting responsibility is assumed on behalf of the OVS GmbH by a leading commissioner and his team - based on the regulations for the "Europe Truck Trial".


Trucktrial what is it actually?

Truck trial is a skill test with commercial vehicles and is used to test the handling of the vehicle in difficult terrain. Time plays a subordinate role in these competitions. It is much more important to master the often extreme terrain passages (e.g. inclines, steep slopes, moats) as precisely and skillfully as possible without making mistakes. In doing so, the teams always feel their way to the new limits of what is physically feasible - and sometimes even exceed them! After all, in all the years of the European Truck Trial, despite the often spectacular looking “crashes”, rollover and overturning, nobody has ever been seriously harmed - and it should stay that way!


In 2007 the first King of the Hammers was held in Johnson Valley (CA) with 12 crews in the race. The following year his fame grew and in just a few years the King of the Hammers became famous all over the world and recognized as the toughest one day offorad race. Following this legend, in 2012 the first Ultra4 style race took place in Europe, in Wales. For 2 years the King of Valleys represented Ultra4 Racing in Europe making all the fans of the old continent of King of the Hammers happy. In 2013 the King of Portugal is added and in 2014 Ultra4 Europe was born and the first Ultra4 championship in Europe with 3 races: King of the Mountains (IT), King of Valleys (UK) and King of Portugal (P). Today, Ultra4 Europe is an important reality in the European off-road world.


2019 will be very interesting with the confirmation of King of France but with a new interesting location, King of Portugal and King of Poland and with the new entry of the Spanish King of Spain. Finally, Ultra4 Europe will back to its original home. The Ultra4 King of Britain 2019 will be running a monster course around the terrain offered by Walters Arena. 

DEFTEK official dealer of GIGGLEPIN WINCH

Deftek is the official dealer of the famous Gigglepin winches with assistance and maintenance service. Deftek also specializes in processing Land Rover engines, assets and preparations.


Nowadays companies are often big and faceless; we'd like you to know that at, you'll be dealing with real people. is the creation of an off-road Enthusiast, Françoise Graciet Hollender, and a mechanics expert, Georges Graciet. Françoise, from the Alsace region, previously worked as a marketing manager for a food industry multinational. Georges, a native of south west France, managed an automobile transmission company.

They decided to combine their business experience and their passion for languages and travelling. Françoise Graciet Hollender opened for business on September 4th, 2000. opened for business on  the 4th of September 2000 in France and on the 1st of January 2006 in Spain. Within 10 years the company the team had grown to 20 employees across both offices. Today there are no less than 30 employees on the team, all working together offer the very best level of customer service.

In addition to their management duties, Françoise handles marketing, and Georges provides technical support and handles the parts database and purchasing.


Why choose Euro4x4parts ? 

We've put all our knowledge and our energy into the company. We love to share this knowledge. We constantly strive to improve our skills, the scope of our range of products and their availability. We revel in searching for hard-to-find parts and creating kits to make the lives of our clients easier, etc. ....We also constantly working to improve the quality of information in our database in particular in terms of clarity and precision.All of this with a dose of modesty and tenacity that characterises people with a long term commitment.   Euro4x4parts doesn't claim to be perfect. But we do everything we can to offer the very best service to our clients -  by finding the part they need at the best price and as quickly as possible. Beyond supplying parts, Euro4x4parts shows a real commitment to the 4x4 community by directly participating in a maximum of  4x4 events and helping teams to participate and succeed in competitions.


"We have both put the best of ourselves into creating and we are proud of its success. 60,000 customers have already put their trust in us, and 13000 of these are just from the past 12 months. On average we attract 51 new customers per day !  We'd like to give all our customers a big thank you for trusting us with their vehicles."


RBI Sport is the Organiser of several off-road motorsport events. This is the channel of the legendary Rallye Breslau Poland and the spectacular Balkan Offroad Rallye.



Europe's oldest license-free off-road rally for motorbikes, quads, side-by-sides (buggies), cars and trucks in the Extreme and Cross Country categories. More than 25 years of rally experience. Many call it the Dakar of Europe.



The newest event of RBI Sport was no doubt a great success, bringing new terrains and new emotions. The inaugural edition of Fenix Rally in Tunisia offered new terrains and new emotions to the competitors, which usually everybody sees on the routes of Breslau Poland and Balkan Offroad. The newest event of RBI Sport and especially a brain child of Alexander Kovatchev took place in the middle of March in the region of Douz – the city labeled as “the door to Sahara”. Six racing days and 10 timed sections were in the menu of the rally, including a marathon stage, which took all the participants in a desert camp without any help from their assistance crews. Over 1000 kilometers against the clock and perfect mixture of sands, dunes and fast tracks were combined with technical navigation and perfect road books. Fortunately, there weren’t serious accidents during the rally and almost all the participants reached the finish in Douz.



Spectacular off-road rally in Bulgaria. Since 2011. Event for motorbikes, quads, buggies and cars and trucks in the diverse breathtaking scenery of Bulgaria.



High quality. Affordable entries. Rally Safety System. Great Spirit. Demanding rally tracks. Navigation on precise road books. Fast speed for the Cross Country and tough winching sections for the Extreme. Excellent camp facilities and high standards of hotel accommodation for the event in Bulgaria. Atmosphere with family touch.