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OFFROAD Lifestylefounded in 2014 by Paolo Baraldi, is a leading magazine where we celebrate offroad as a lifestyle. You can read here all those topics that normally you can not found on other publications concerning offroad. We creates quality and original photography and articles for offroad enthusiasts.


The human, cultural and offroad experiences are the main topic of OFFROAD Lifestyle but without disdaining technique, competitions, journeys, rallies, history and vintage always seen with our particular point of view.


OFFROAD Lifestyle also hosts special and interesting stories that explore the various aspects of offroad life and cult reports produced by our prestigious correspondents.


OFFROAD Lifestyle is presented and created with particular attention to the quality of images and contents. For this reason it is entirely made by professionals whose names are synonymous of quality and professionalism.


OFFROAD Lifestyle is the reference magazine for those of OFFROAD MAKE A LIFESTYLE!


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